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Winter sports

Station de ski de Gourette

Gourette ski resort

Gourette ski resort


Station de ski d’Artouste

Artouste ski resort

Artouste ski resort


Cross-country skiing, ski touring, snowshoeing and Nordic walking

Site de l’Aubisque

Site de l’Aubisque


Nordic walking: Do you want physical activity this winter? Try Nordic Walking in the Ossau Valley! At the closing of the slopes, 1h30 session

Site du plateau d’Aneou

Site du plateau d’Aneou


Full moon evening: Only the light of the moon will enlighten you, only the guide will take you ... At 1700 m above sea level, on the Cirque d'Aneou, you can safely discover this pastoral plateau: listen to the silence of the mountains at night , it is magic. After two hours of walking, you warm up around a garbure served at the restaurant Les Sorbiers, at Col du Pourtalet.

Site de Pont de Camps

Site de Pont de Camps


Snowshoe outing: Discovery of this nature activity in 1/2 day or full day

Winter day activities

Ski touring initiation

Ski touring initiation

Get off the slopes, make your own track, discover the winter mountains in the heart of the National Park ... Ski touring is not just for an elite, experience this authentic activity.

Traversée Gourette / Artouste en ski hors piste

Crossing Gourette / Artouste in off piste skiing

Supervised by a high mountain guide, pass from one valley to another in unforgettable panoramas

Initiation raquettes à neige

Snowshoe initiation

1h30 to discover this activity within the reach of the greatest number

Night snowshoeing

Night snowshoeing

Total change of scenery and intense moments, discover the winter snowshoe hike at night

Gourmet raclette

Gourmet and snowshoeing

Snowshoe hike to awaken your taste buds. Jean Pierre, shepherd-guide in the mountains offers you a snowshoe ride on the Col d'Aubisque or in the forest from Gourette. He brings with him a small panel of delicacies: cheese, gingerbread, cold meats, mulled wine with Espelette pepper. Treat yourself..

Raquette chantée

Singing and snowshoeing

Along the Brousset, near Artouste, with Jean-Luc Mongaugé, songwriter and singer of the group Esta.

Raquet’ raclette

Raclette and snowshoeing

Go hiking at dusk, play with the light of night and taste the joys of a convivial evening around a raclette in a small mountain chalet

Raquettes garbure aux flambeaux

Torchlight Garbure Racquets

From the Gourette ski resort, it is an evening around the conviviality and the delicacies that is offered to you

Raquettes photos

Snowshoes and Photography

Photo and image take on their full meaning during a photo hike to admire what nature has to offer: landscape, panorama, fauna, flora. These meetings bring a different approach. Go for a day, supervised by a mountain guide, lovers of beautiful photos. It teaches you how to capture the image, how to play with light to immortalize the most beautiful landscapes and the most beautiful views. A photo report is sent after the outing.

Free’ze canyon

Free’ze canyon

Do you know the canyon in summer? Sporty and daring? Try the free’ze canyon in the Ossau Valley: abseils, jumps and slides in a wild universe where silence and nature offer us a timeless experience. The equipment used allows you to dive in cold water without getting wet and without feeling cold !! Try this new activity !!

Et si je peignais la neige !

And if I painted the snow!

Morning snowshoe hike in the upper Ossau Valley punctuated by photo breaks, sketches and observations. Afternoon devoted to learning watercolor on very simple subjects of mountain landscapes observed in the morning. And if you can't draw, this is also for you!

Apprenez à bâtir votre igloo

Apprenez à bâtir votre igloo

Votre contact :  OT Laruns (Laurence). Tél. 05 59 05 48 94

L’aventure nordique, un village insolite au plateau de Bezou. Ici, on joue les aventuriers : sortie nocturne en raquettes, bain nordique chauffé à 38° par un poêle à bois et nuit en Igloo ou cabane en bois (snowpod). Une expérience unique.

Ossau Valley in Laruns
Ossau Valley in Laruns